Fuse Rails BTR 3

Fuse Rails BTR 3

Fuse Rails BTR 3

  • Barfuses® Fuse Rails BTR 3
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Type & Specifications

Technical Parameters Installation Dimensions
  • Type Of Fuse SwitchBTR3-250EBTR3-400EBTR3-630E
    Rated Voltage (Ue)415, 500, 690V
    Rated Thermal Current (Ith)250A400A630A
    Rated Frequency50/60Hz50/60Hz50/60Hz
    Rated Insulation Voltage(Ui)1000V1000V1000V
    Rated Impulse
    Withstand Voltage(Uimp)
    Application Classes415V500V690V415V500V690V415V500V690V
    Degree Of ProtectionIP30IP30IP30
    Fuse Size123
    Rated Voltage (Ue)415V500V690V415V500V690V415V500V690V
    Rated Working Current(Ie)250A250A200A400A400A350A630A630A500A
    Wire Specifications120mm²240mm²300mm²
    The Default Connection ModeV-clamp
    The Other Connection ModeScrew&Cable lug
    Installation Of Busbar1. Punched rectangle busbar 2. Unpunched rectangle busbar 3. Other
    Fixed Way1. Screw 2. Hook 3. Other custom accessories


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BARFUSE Electric Co., Ltd. located in Wenzhou, is a professional manufacturer of low voltage fuse switch disconnector base, bus bar system and high & low voltage distribution wiring managements products, such as MCB pan assembly, molded case power distributors.


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