MCCB Pan Assembly (MCPD)

MCCB Pan Assembly (MCPD)

MCCB Pan Assembly (MCPD)

  • Product Description
    Rated current: 63A-800A
    Phase: 3P &4P
    Advantage: It could be assembly according to customer’s requirements, incoming and outgoing MCCB could be arranged at single side or both sides.

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Type & Specifications

Technical Parameters
  • ModelIncoming CurrentOut Going CurrentOutgoing Switch Quantity
    SP-400125-4W400A125A4 PCS MCCB
    SP-400125-6W400A125A6 PCS MCCB
    SP-400125-8W400A125A8 PCS MCCB
    SP-400125-10W400A125A10 PCS MCCB
    SP-400125-12W400A125A12 PCS MCCB
    SP-400125-14W400A125A14 PCS MCCB
    SP-400125-16W400A125A16 PCS MCCB
    SP-400225-4W400A225A4 PCS MCCB
    SP-400225-6W400A225A6 PCS MCCB
    SP-400225-8W400A225A8 PCS MCCB
    SP-400225-10W400A225A10 PCS MCCB
    SP-400225-12W400A225A12 PCS MCCB
    SP-400225-14W400A225A14 PCS MCCB
    SP-400M-W400A125A/225A6+2 PCS MCCB
    SP-400M-W400A125A/225A8+2 PCS MCCB
    SP-400M-W400A125A/225A10+2 PCS MCCB
    SP-400M-W400A125A/225A2+4 PCS MCCB
    SP-400M-W400A125A/225A4+4 PCS MCCB
    SP-400M-W400A125A/225A6+4 PCS MCCB
    SP-400M-W400A125A/225A4+6 PCS MCCB
    SP-400M-W400A125A/225A8+4 PCS MCCB
    SP-400M-W400A125A/225A2+6 PCS MCCB
    SP-400M-W400A125A/225A2+8 PCS MCCB
    SP-400M-W400A125A/225A2+10 PCS MCCB
    SP-400M-W400A125A/225A4+8 PCS MCCB
    SP-10063-4W125A63A4 PCS MCCB
    SP-10063-6W125A63A6 PCS MCCB
    SP-10063-8W125A63A8 PCS MCCB
    SP-10063-10W125A63A10 PCS MCCB
    SP-10063-12W125A63A12 PCS MCCB
    SP-10063-14W125A63A14 PCS MCCB
    SP-10063-16W125A63A16 PCS MCCB


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