BTR Fuse Rails, Vertical Design

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  • Barfuses® BTR Fuse Rails, vertical design

    BTR fuse rails are intended for fuse-links sizes 00, 1, 2 and 3. They are appropriate for use in distribution and industrial LV networks and in switchboards with busbar spacing of 185 mm and, if need be, of 100 mm. They are fully protected against accidental contact. They permit safe handling of fuse-links.


    1. Conjoined type can be a three-phase closed off simultaneously
    2. Operation safely. while fuse installed in the handle and it can be used as a contact blade directly.
    3. It is beautiful and practical and the whole switch can be disassemblyed easily. and installed in the cabinet fastly.;
    4. Wiring reduced make it easy to increase the loop and the utilization of the cabinet;
    5. The resin glass fiber base (BMC-UP(GF15 ). FR/DMC-2).with flame retardant grade. and the enclosure rating up to IP30;
    6. The latest product has highest usage in the market.;
    7. The instantaneous breaking force is up to 100kA. and the operating capacity with a load can be up to 1.3 times of the rated current;
    8. It can be with the fuse monitor. signal switch and a remote control module.

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BARFUSE Electric Co., Ltd. located in Wenzhou, is a professional manufacturer of low voltage fuse switch disconnector base, bus bar system and high & low voltage distribution wiring managements products, such as MCB pan assembly, molded case power distributors.


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